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Periodic Classification of Elements Test Online MCQs

Test Name Periodic Classification of Elements Test Online MCQs
Subject Chemistry
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 20
Total Marks 40
Total Time 20 Mints
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Chemistry is very interesting subject and it covers the lots of the topics. The basic topic of the chemistry is the study of elements. Elements are made up of only one kind of atoms. There are almost 118 elements in the world and all the elements has different properties. Here you will get all the information about elements classifications and periodic trends in the form of Periodic Classification of Elements Test MCQs Test. Your knowledge about periodic table, its trends and elements classification will increase after attempting these tests.

Periodic Classification of Elements Test Online MCQs


1. In which of the following, the element belong to the same period?

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2. Element belonging to the same period are:

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3. Arrange the following set of atoms in the order of increasing atomic radius: F, Cl, C, O

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4. Elements in the same vertical column has same:

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5. With the increase in atomic number in a period of a periodic table:

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6. Among the following groups of elements, the one whose elements can have positive as well as negative oxidation states are:

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7. Which of the following has minimum ionization energy?

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8. Which of the following has the largest size?

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9. Which of the following elements have maximum electronegativity?

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10. IV Period has …….. elements.

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11. The first atom with maximum number of d-electrons is with atomic number:

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12. An element has atomic number 2. It belongs to:

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13. The ionization energy of nitrogen is more than that of oxygen because of:

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14. On moving across a period from left to right the ionization energy increases because:

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15. Long form of a periodic table is based upon:

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16. Which of the following has the maximum size?

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17. Which of the following atoms is paramagnetic?

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18. An element A has atomic number 7. It will have properties similar to the element with atomic number:

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19. Atomic number of an element X is 34, it belongs to:

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20. The tendency towards complex formation is maximum in:

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