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Physics Atomic Structure Test Online MCQs

Test Name Atomic Structure MCQsTest
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Nuclear physics is containing so interesting information. Attempt all the multiple choice questions of the topic Atomic Structure to increase your intellectual level. Atomic Structure MCQs Test Online is given below.

Physics Atomic Structure Test Online MCQs


1. Cathode rays enter a magnetic field making oblique angle with the lines of magnetic induction. What will be the nature of the path followed?

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2. Why does the photoelectric effect reveal the particle nature of radiations?

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3. Which of the following cannot be found at rest

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4. The photoelectric effect is a phenomenon which can be used to convert:

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5. The e/m is not constant for:

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6. The study of photoelectric effect is useful in understanding:

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7. Which electrons are emitted in the photo electric effect?

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8. What determines the work function of a metal?

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9. The mass of electron is M, its charge is e and it is accelerated from rest through a potential V. The velocity required by the electron will be:

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10. The magnitude of saturation photoelectric currents depends upon:

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11. An electron and proton are fired through uniform magnetic fields perpendicular to it with the same kinetic energy. What is the nature of trajectory?

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12. Given that the mass of neutron or proton is approximately 1840 times the mass of electron. What is the ratio of specific charge of electron to α-particles?

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13. Which of the following is not the property of the laser beam?

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14. The mass of electron is M, its charge is e and it is accelerated from rest through a potential V. The energy acquired by the particle I electron volt will be:

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15. The photo electric effect supports a theory of light proposed by:

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16. If an electron has an initial velocity perpendicular to directions of electric field, the path of the electron is:

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17. Blue light can cause photoelectric emission from a metal, but yellow light cannot. If red light is incident on the metal, then:

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18. What is the order of pressure of the gas in cathode ray tube?

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19. Which of the following achieves conversion of electromagnetic wave energy into electrical energy?

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20. Which of the following is not property of photons?

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