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Physics Fluid Mechanics Test Online MCQs

Test Name Physics Fluid Mechanics Test Online MCQs
Subject Physics
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 15
Total Marks 30
Total Time 15 Mints
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Physics is so interesting subject which contain world wide information. Here we provide the knowledge of Fluid Mechanics which is given in the Test. Attempt online test to prepare for the all admission tests, general knowledge test, interview and physics subject examination.

Physics Fluid Mechanics Test Online MCQs


1. Three liquids of densities d, 2d and 3d are mixed in equal proportions of weights. The relative density of the mixture is:

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2. Soap helps in better cleaning of clothes because:

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3. If you float on your back on water, your weight is:

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4. Pressure applied to enclosed fluid is:

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5. A drop of oil is placed on the surface of water. Which of the following statement is correct?

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6. A bird, resting on the floor of an airtight box, which is being carried by a boy, starts flying. The boy will feel that the box is now:

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7. If there were smaller gravitational effect which of the following forces do you think will alter in some respect?

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8. IF two soap bubbles of different radii are in communication with each other:

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9. It is easier to spray water to which soap is added, because

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10. A capillary tube is dipped in a water container, so that loss is weight of the capillary tube is:

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11. A vessel containing water is in equilibrium on a beam balance when a man puts his finger into the water without touching the bottom or the sides of the vessel, the scale pan on which the vessel stands:

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12. A piece of ice is floating in a jar containing water, when the ice melts, the temperature of water falls from 4°C to 1°C. Then the level of water

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13. In order that a floating object be in a stable equilibrium. Its center of buoyancy should be:

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14. More liquid rises in a thin tube because of:

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15. Find the lifting force of a 4 kg cork life but in sea water if the density of cork and sea water are 0.2 x 10³ kg/m³ and 1.03 x 10³ kg/m³ respectively

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