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Physics Gravitation Test 2 Online MCQs

Test Name Gravitation MCQs Test
Subject Physics
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 15
Total Marks 30
Total Time 15 Mints
Test Help For
  • Physics Subject Test Prep.
  • All Admissions Test.
  • All Jobs and recruitment Test prep.
  • Medical and BDS Test prep.
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Get the information about Gravitation and how it works and effects of Gravitation on other things by attempting the Physics Gravitation multiple choice questions. All these questing is helpful for the preparation of MCAT, engineering, medical and admission test.

Physics Gravitation Test 2 Online MCQs


1. mark reviewThe radius of earth is about 6400 km and that of mass is about 3200 km. The mass if the earth is about 10 times of the mass. The object weighs 200 N on earth surface, then its weight on the surface of mars will be

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2. mark reviewGravitational mass is proportional to the gravitational:

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3. mark reviewHubble’s law is related with

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4. mark reviewThe ratio of the radii of two planets r₁ and r₂ is k. The ratio of acceleration due to gravity on them is r. then the ratio of the escape velocities from them, will be:

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5. mark reviewThe angular speed of earth in rad/s, so that bodies on equator may appear weightless is: [Use g = 10 m/s² and the radius of earth = 6.4 x 10³ km]

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6. mark reviewA long straight wire or radius a carries a steady current I. The current is uniformly distributed across its cross section. The ratio of the magnetic field at a/2 and 2a is

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7. mark reviewA geostationary satellite is orbiting the earth at a height of 6 R from the earth’s surface (R is the earth’s radius). What is the period of rotation of another satellite at a height of 2.5 R from the earth’s surface

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8. mark reviewThe earth rotates about the sun in an elliptical orbit as shown in figure. At which point its velocity will be maximum?


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9. mark reviewThe velocity with which a projectile must be fired so that it escapes earth’s gravitation does not depend on:

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10. mark reviewEscape velocity of a body when projected from the earth’s surface is 11.2 km/sec. If it is projected at an angle of 50° from the horizontal, then escape velocity is:

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11. mark reviewIf the mass of moon is M/81, where M is the mass of earth, find the distance of the point from the moon, where gravitational field due to earth the moon cancel each other. Given that distance between earth and moon is 60R where R is the radius of earth

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12. mark reviewHeight of geostationary satellite is

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13. mark reviewA satellite is launched into a circular orbit of radius R around the earth. While a second satellite launched into an orbit of radius 1.01R. The period of the second satellite is longer than the first one by approximately

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14. mark reviewThe value of acceleration due to gravity, at earth surface is g. Its value at the center of the earth, which we assume as a sphere of radius R and of uniform mass density, will be:

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15. mark reviewKnowing that the mass of the moon is 1/81 times that if earth and its radius is 1/4 the radius of earth. If the escape velocity at the surface of the earth is 11.2 km/sec, then the value of escape velocity at the surface of the moon is

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