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Physics Magnetism Test 1 Online MCQs

Test Name Magnetism MCQs Test
Subject Physics
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 20
Total Marks 40
Total Time 20 Mints
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Get Physics Magnetism Multiple Choice Questions quiz for Online preparation of written test, interview, MCAT test, admission test and recruitment test. Attempt all the question to get high marks in all the tests for the related topic. Physics Magnetism MCQs Test Online is given below.

Physics Magnetism Test 1 Online MCQs


1. Two small magnets, each of magnetic moment 10 Am²are placed in end of position 0.1m apart from their centers. The force acting between them is:

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2. A thin magnet is cut into two equal parts by cutting it parallel to its length. If the original time period of vibration is 4 sec, then time period of each part in the same field will be:

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3. Which of the following is not a magnetic substances ?

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4. A magnet of magnetic moment M is freely suspended in a constant uniform magnetic field of intensity H. If magnet is deflected by an angle θ from direction of H, the work done is:

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5. A magnet can be completely demagnetized by:

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6. A steel wire of length l has a magnetic moment M. It is bent into L shape from the middle. The new magnetic moment is:

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7. S.I. unit of magnetic permeability is:

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8. An non magnetic material is that which is:

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9. The moment of a magnet is 0.1Am² and the force acting on each pole in a uniform magnetic field of 0.36 oersted 1.44 x 10-4 N. The distance between the poles of magnet is:

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10. A bar magnet is held at right angles to a uniform magnetic field. The couple acting on the magnet is to be halved by rotating it from this position. The angle of rotation is:

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11. Potential at any point on equatorial line of dipole is:

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12. A bar magnet is released into a copper ring directly below it. The acceleration of the magnet will be:

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13. Can a system have magnetic moment even though its net charge is zero?

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14. For between to magnetic poles depends on:

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15. The line joining a point to the center of a short magnet makes angle θ with the axis. Potential at a point distant d from the center of magnet, on this line is:

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16. The source of magnetic field is:

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17. Magnetic potential at a point distant d from a magnetic pole of strength m is:

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18. Two magnets have the same length and the same pole strength. But one of the magnets has a small hole at its center. Then

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19. The magnetic moment of a short magnet is 8Am². The magnetic induction 20 cm away from its mid point on the axial line is:

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20. Two identical coils carrying same current have common center but have their planes at right angles to each other. If the field due to each coil is B, the resultant will be:

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