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Physics Optics Test Online MCQs

Test Name Optics MCQs Test
Subject Physics
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 25
Total Marks 50
Total Time 20 Mints
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Physics Optics Multiple Choice Questions quiz for the visitors to prepare for the Engineering and Medical and Science Colleges and universities admission test, jobs test and Mock test. Get Physics Optics MCQs Test Online below.

Physics Optics Test Online MCQs


1. A plane mirror produces a magnification of:

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2. A beam of light rays falls on a plane mirror and form a real image, so the incident rays are:

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3. A man moves towards a mirror with velocity 4 m/s. With what velocity its image move towards him?

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4. To get three images of a single object, one should have two plane mirrors at an angle of:

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5. Two mirrors are kept at 60° to each other and a body is placed at middle. The total number of images formed is:

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6. A tall man of height 6 feet, want to see his full image. The required minimum length of the mirror will be:

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7. Newton proposed his corpuscular theory of light on the basis of:

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8. The rectilinear propagation of light in a medium is due to:

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9. A thick mirror produces a number of images of an object. Which of the images is the brightest?

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10. Light Propagates rectilinearly because of its:

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11. A man runs towards mirror with a speed of 5 m/s. What is the speed of his image?

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12. Light behave as:

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13. According to Huygen’s principle light is a form of:

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14. Ray optics is valid when the characteristics dimensions are:

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15. A man runs towards a mirror at a rate of 6 m/s. If we assume the mirror to be at rest, his image will have a velocity:

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16. A light ray is incident normally on a plane mirror. The angle of reflection will be:

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17. Which of the following phenomena is not explained by Huygen’s construction of wavefront?

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18. Evidence of the wave nature of light cannot be obtained from:

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19. Huygen’s wave theory of light cannot explain:

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20. The theory associated with secondary wavelets is:

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21. How many images will be formed if two mirrors are fitted on adjacent walls and one mirror on ceiling?

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22. A clock shows hours with the help of numbers. If it shows 8-20 in the mirror placed in front of it, then the real time is:

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23. The height of a man is 6 m. To see his full image the size of mirror is approximately:

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24. If an object is placed unsymmetrically between 2 plane mirrors, inclined at an angle of the 60°, then the total number of images formed is:

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25. Frequency of visible light is of the order of:

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