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Physics Oscillation Test Online MCQs

Test Name Oscillation MCQs Test
Subject Physics
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 15
Total Marks 30
Total Time 15 Mints
Test Help For
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Physics multiple choice questions of the topic Oscillation Test for the preparation of MCAT, Physics subject test, Admission test, Medical and Engineering tests. Get all the questions answers about Physics Oscillation are given below.

Physics Oscillation Test Online MCQs


1. A body executes S.H.M. with an amplitude a. The displacement of the body when its potential energy is one-third of its kinetic energy is:

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2. If a simple pendulum of length l has maximum angular displacement θ, then the maximum kinetic energy of bob of mass m is:

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3. A tunnel has been dug through the centre of the earth and a ball is released in it. Its executes S.M.H. with time period

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4. A particle is vibrating in S.H.M. with an amplitude of 4 cm. At what displacement from the equilibrium position is its energy half potential and half kinetic:

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5. A particle is executing S.H.M. when its acceleration increases, its time period:

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6. The S.H.M. of a particle is given by the equation y = 3 sin wt + 4 cos wt. The amplitude is:

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7. A mass m suspended from a massless spring stretches it by a distance. If pulled slightly more and let go, it will oscillate with a time period T where:

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8. Foe a particle executing simple harmonic motion, the kinetic energy K at an instant t is given by K = K0 cos2 wt:

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9. Two mutually perpendicular simple harmonic vibrations have same amplitude, frequency and phase. When the superimpose, the resultant form of vibration will be:

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10. The displacement of a particle is represented by = 10 sin (5t + θ). The period of oscillation is:

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11. A particle executes S.H.M. having time period T. Then the time period with which the potential energy changes is:

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12. For a simple Harmonic Oscillator, the potential energy is equal to kinetic energy:

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13. The work done by the string of a simple pendulum during one complete oscillation is equal to:

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14. Two masses m1 and m2 are suspended together by a massless spring of force constant k. When the masses are in equilibrium, m1 is removed without disturbing the system. The amplitude of oscillation is:

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15. A spring having a spring constant ‘K’ is loaded with a mass ‘m’. The spring is cut into two equal parts and one of these is loaded again with the same mass. The new spring constant is:

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