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Plant Growth and Development Online Test Question Answer

Test Name Plant Growth and Development Test
Subject Biology
Test Type Mcqs
Total Question 20
Total Marks 40
Total Time 20
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  • Plant Biology
  • General Knowledge
  • Everyday Science
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Growth is the process by which a plant increases in the number and size of leaves and stems.When leaves are removed from a grass or clover plant, new leaves develop and grow from buds on the crown or stems of the plant.Plant development is the process by which structures originate and mature as a plant grows. It is studied in plant anatomy and plant physiology as well as plant morphology. Plants produce new tissues and structures throughout their life from meristems located at the tips of organs, or between mature tissues.Here the Plant Growth and Development Online Test Question Answer online quiz is gonna dispatched here in order to remove your weakness with respect to such an important area of Biology accordingly.

Plant Growth and Development Online Test Question Answer


1. The pigment responsible for light sensitive plant is:

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2. When demonstrated the role of auxins using:

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3. Wheat and potato are:

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4. A hypothetical hormone is:

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5. Touch me not plant which shows seis monastic movement is a member of family

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6. The growth rate is highest in:

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7. The term ‘phytochrome’ was given by:

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8. Indole-3Aecitic Acid is a:

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9. Pick up the long day plant

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10. For short day plants, the critical period is:

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11. Movements in tendrils, lianas and twiners brought about by growth is known as:

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12. Cyclosis in a plant cell is:

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13. Short-day plants (SDP) are:

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14. The length of time that is required by a plant to manifest its response to a stimulus is termed:

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15. Law temperature is lethal because it has:

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16. Plants get protection from fungi and bacteria:

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17. Effect on gravity on geotropism can be known by:

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18. The rate of growth is highest in:

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19. Vernalization of seeds ……. Their development

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20. Movement exhibited by dorsiventral leaf is:

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