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Plant Water Relation Mock Test Online Question Answer

Test Name Plant Water Relation Test
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Plant water relations concern how plants control the hydration of their cells, including the collection of water from the soil, its transport within the plant and its loss by evaporation from the leaves.The internal water potential of a plant cell is more negative than pure water because of the cytoplasm’s high solute content. Because of this difference in water potential water will move from the soil into a plant’s root cells via the process of osmosis.Get complete view with respect to such significant topic of Biology just follow the Plant Water Relation Mock Test Online Question Answer being dispatched over here

Plant Water Relation Mock Test Online Question Answer

Basic Science

1. The initial stage of water absorption by root cell is by:

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2. Active transport of elements across the cell membrane requires

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3. The plasmalemma and the tonoplast is an osmotic system which function as:

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4. Osmosis ceases when:

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5. The factor that controls entry of water into the cell is:

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6. Which of the following has the highest water potential(ψ)

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7. Water absorbed by root hairs of a tree can rise to the highest point by:

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8. The form and structure of growing cell is maintained due to:

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9. In a young root, active absorption mostly takes place through

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10. The rise of the sap is controlled by root pressure and

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11. The movement of water through tracheary elements is by:

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12. In case, respiration is inhibited by some inhibitor, the nonosmotic active absorption of eater will:

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13. Guttation is the process of elimination of water from plants through:

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14. The wall of root hairs is:

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15. Water potential can be obtained by:

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16. Osmotic potential of a solution is always:

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17. Imbibition process involves:

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18. Which of the following is correct?

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19. Atmospheric pressure can rise water to the maximum of:

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20. The water available to the plant from holard is called:

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