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Population, Biotic Community and Succession Test

Test Name Population, Biotic Community and Succession Test
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Biotic community is an association of a number of interrelated and independent populations belonging to different species in a common environment which can survive in nature. Biotic community comprises a number of populations of different species interacting between them and the abiotic environment.

A population is all the organisms of the same group or species which live in a particular geographical area and have the capability of interbreeding.

Succession is the change in species composition, structure, or architecture of vegetation through time. Vegetation has three important aspects that are subject to change. Species composition includes the roster of the species.

Population, Biotic Community and Succession Test Online Questions and Answers

Basic Science

1. Which of the following represents an ecosystem?

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2. From ecological point of view human beings are taken as:

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3. In an ecosystem, the pyramid of energy is:

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4. The plants uses:

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5. A linear relationship among organisms based on feeding habits is called:

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6. The structural and functional unit of communities living in an environment is called:

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7. The best soil for green plants growth is:

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8. The primary or first order consumers are also called:

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9. The plants growing in very moist or aquatic conditions are called:

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10. The plants growing in very dry and water scarcity condition are called:

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11. The plants growing in deserts, to tolerate water stress, have:

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12. The factors associated with soil are called:

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13. The plants which grow in very saline soil or water are called:

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14. The plants growing in moderately wet conditions are called:

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15. All the organisms living in an area constitute:

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