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Quantitative Reasoning Age Test Mcqs Online

Test Name Quantitative Reasoning Age Test
Subject Aptitude
Test Type MCQS
Total Question 10
Total Marks 20
Total Time 10
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Quantitative Reasoning Age Test Mcqs Online Mock Quiz


1. mark reviewIf Dennis is 1/3rd the age of his father Keith now,and was 1/4th the age of his father 5 years ago,then how old will his father Keith be 5 years from now?

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2. mark reviewSonu is 4 years younger than Manu while Dolly is four years younger than Sumit but 1/5 times as old as Sonu.If Sumit is eight years old,how many times as old is Manu as Dolly?

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3. mark reviewThe ratio of the ages of the father and the son at present is 7:1.After 4 years,the ratio will become 4:1.What is the sum of the present ages of the father and the son?

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4. mark reviewA father's age is three times the sum of the ages of his two children,but 20 years hence his age will be equal to the sum of their ages.Then the father's age is?

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5. mark reviewA's age is 1/6 of B's age will be twice of C's age after 10 years.If C's eighth birthday was celebrated two years ago,then the present age of A must be?

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6. mark reviewSuresh is half his father's age.After 20 years.his father age will be one and a half times Suresh's age.What is his father's age now?

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7. mark reviewRajan got married 8 years ago.His present age is 6/5 times his age at the time of his marriage. Rajan's sister was 10 years younger to him at the time of his marriage.The age of Rajan's sister is?

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8. mark reviewIf 10 years are subtracted from the present age of Ram and the remainder divided by 14,then you would get the present age of his grandson Shyam.If Shyam is 9 years younger to Sunder whose age is 14,then what is the present age of Ram?

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9. mark reviewRatio of Ashok's age to Pradeep's age is 4:3. Ashok will be 26 years old after 6 years.How old is Pradeep now?

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10. mark reviewThe ages of the two persons differ by 20 years.If 5 years ago,the older one be 5 times as old as the younger one,then their present ages,in years,are?

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