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Quantitative Reasoning Arithmetic Alligation Test Online MCQS

Test Name Quantitative Reasoning Arithmetic Alligation Test
Subject Aptitude
Test Type MCQS
Total Question 19
Total Marks 38
Total Time 19
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Quantitative Reasoning Arithmetic Alligation Test Online MCQS


1. mark reviewA chemist has 10 liters of a solution that is 10 percent nitric acid by volume.He wants to dilute the solution to 4 percent strength by adding water.How many liters of water must he add?

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2. mark reviewHow many kg of sugar costing ζ 5.75 per kg should be mixed with 75 kg of cheaper sugar costing ζ 4.50 per kg so that the mixture is worth  ζ5.50 per kg?

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3. mark reviewSuppose that a maximum of 25 gm of salt dissolves in 100 gm of water.Any more salt,if added,remains undissolved and a sediment falls at the bottom.Now,water is evaporated from 1 kg of a 4% solution at the rate of 28 gm per hour.After how long will it start sedimenting?

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4. mark reviewIf 50% of the 2:3 solution of milk and water is replaced with water,then the concentration of the solution is reduced by?

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5. mark reviewA container contains 40 liters of milk.From this container 4 liters of milk was taken out and replaced by water.This process was repeated further two times.How much milk is now contained by the container?

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6. mark reviewSeveral liters of acid were drawn off a 54-liter vessel full of acid and an equal amount of water added.Again the same volume of the mixture was drawn off and replaced by water.As a result,the vessel contained 24 liters of pure acid,How much of the acid was drawn off initially?

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7. mark reviewA mixture (40 Liters) contains conic and water in the ratio 3:1.To make the ratio 5:2,How much additional amount of water is required?

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8. mark reviewIn an engineering collage the average salary of all engineering graduates from Mechanical trade is ζ  2.45 lacs per annum and that of the engineering graduates from electronics trade is ζ 3.56 lacs per annum.The average salary of all Mechanical and Electronics graduates ζ 3.12 lacs per annum. Find  the least number of Electronics graduates passing out from this institute.

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9. mark reviewIn what proportion must water be added to spirit to gain 20% by selling it at the cost price?

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10. mark reviewA vessel is fully filled with a special liquid.Four liters of liquid is drawn out of this vessel and is replaced with water.If the ratio of the special liquid to the water becomes 1:2,then what is the capacity of the vessel?

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11. mark reviewA and B are two alloys of gold and copper prepared by mixing metals in the ratio 7:2 and 7:11 respectively.If equal quantities of the alloys are melted to form a third alloy C,the ratio of gold and copper in C will be?

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12. mark reviewA mixture of 40 liters of milk and water contains 10% water.How much water should be added to this so that water may be 20% in the new mixture?

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13. mark reviewTwo vessels contain mixtures of milk and water in the ratio of 8:1 and 1:5 respectively.The contents of both of these are mixed in a specific ratio into a third vessel.How much mixture must be drawn from the second vessel of fill the third vessel(capacity 26 gallons) completely in order that the resulting mixture may be half milk and half water?

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14. mark reviewMy Scooty gives an average of 40 kmpl of petrol.But after recent filling at the new petrol pump its average dropped to 38 kmpl. I investigated and found out that it was due to adulterated petrol.Petrol pump add Kerosene,which is 2/3 cheaper than petrol,to increase their profits.Kerosene generates excessive smoke and knocking and gives an average of 18 km per 900 ml.If I paid  ζ 30 for a liter of petrol,what was the additional amount the pump-owner was making?

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15. mark reviewHow many ml of water must be added to 48 ml of alcohol to make a solution that contains 25% alcohol?

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