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Quantitative Reasoning Arithmetic Average Test Online Mcqs

Test Name Quantitative Reasoning Arithmetic Average Test
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Quantitative Reasoning Arithmetic Average Test Online Mcqs


1. mark reviewIn an examination,a pupil's average marks were 63 per paper.If he had obtained 20 more marks for his Geography paper and 2 more marks for his History paper,his average per paper would have been 65.How many papers were there is the examination?

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2. mark reviewLast year,a Home Appliance Store sold an average (arithmetic mean)of 42 microwave ovens per month.In the first 10 months of this year,the store has sold an average (arithmetic mean) of only 20 microwave ovens per month.What was the average number of microwave ovens sold per month during the entire 22-month period?

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3. mark reviewAngad was conducting an experiment in which the average of 11 observation came to be 90,while the average of first five observations was 87,and that of the last five was 84,What is the measure of the 6th observation?

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4. mark reviewThe average marks of a student is 8 subjects are 87.Of these,the highest marks are 2 more than the one next in value.If these two subjects are eliminated,the average marks of the remaining subjects are 85.What are the highest marks now obtained by him?

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5. mark reviewIn a class with a certain number of students,if one student weighing 50 kg is added then the average weight of the class increases by 1 kg.If one more student weighing 50 kg is added then the average weight of the class increases by 1.5 kg over the original average.What is the original average wight (in kg) of the class?

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6. mark reviewIn the first 10 overs of a cricket game,the run rate was only 3.2.What should be the run rate in the remaining 40 overs to reach the target of 282 runs?

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7. mark reviewAt Narmada Sarovar Bachao demonstration,supporters of Ms.Patkar outnumbered the police by 9:1.The police arrested 135 NSB supporters averaging 5 for every 3 policemen.How many supporters of NSB were there in the demonstration?

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8. mark reviewThe average age of an adult class is 40 years.12 new students with an average age of 32 years join the class,thereby decreasing the acerage by 4 years,The original strength of the class was?

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9. mark reviewRunning at the same constant rate,6 identical machines can produce a total of 270 bottles per minute,At this rate,how many bottles could 10 such machines produce in 4 minutes?

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10. mark reviewThe average of 10 numbers is 40.2.Later it is found that two numbers have been wrongly added,The first is 18 greater than the actual number and the second number added is 13 instead of 31.Find the correct average.

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11. mark reviewThe average age of 8 persons in a committee is increased by 2 years when two men aged 35 years and 45 years are substituted by two women.The average age of these two women is?

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12. mark reviewA car owner buys petrol at ζ7.50,ζ8.00 and ζ8.50 per liter for three successive years.What approximately is the average cost per liter of petrol if he spends ζ4000 each year?

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13. mark reviewThe average monthly expenditure of a family was ζ 2200 during first 3 months ζ 2250 during next 4 months and ζ 3120,during last 5 month of the year.If the total saving during the year was ζ1260,the average monthly income

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14. mark reviewThe number of observation in a group is 40.If average of the first 10 is 4.5 and that of the remaining 30 is 3.5 then average of the whole group is?

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15. mark reviewIn a class,the average score of girls in an examination is 73 and that of boys is 71.The average score for the whole class is 71.8.The percentage of the girls in the class is?

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