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Quantitative Reasoning Data Tables Data Interpretation Online Test 3

Test Name Quantitative Reasoning Data Tables Data Interpretation Online Test 3
Subject Aptitude
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 15
Total Marks 30
Total Time 15 Mints
Test Help For
  • GRE Quantitative Comparison
  • Tables and Data Interpretation Test prep.
  • Analytical Reasoning prep.
  • Verbal Reasoning Test prep.
  • CAT, MBA and XAT Test Prep.

Q-R Data Tables Test 3 – Data Interpretation is available over here for the visitors to check their ability to extract accurate data from the tables. Also get online preparation for the all Banks tests, admission tests about the related topic, MBA, MAT, MCAT, KMAT and engineering tests.

Quantitative Reasoning Data Tables Data Interpretation Online Test 3


1. Number of emergencies attended by the 6 substations was the same in the months of

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2. In 1979, USSR produced more cement than the combined total of four other countries excluding

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3. Which of the following statements is/are true?

  1. Bangalore branch raised the highest number of bills in December
  2. All branches show increase in the sale every month in the period shown.
  3. Sale of L Hyderabad branch in March was approximately its average sale for the three months shown.
  4. Ranking the branches by sale in the three months shows Chennai in the lead and Hyderabad coming lost

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4. The adverse effect of decline in the consumption of cement in 1979 in comparison to 1978, is likely to be more in

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5. Which shop has the highest sale of cars of all the types?

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6. Which shop has the lowest sales of both type B and type E as compared to other shops?

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7. The maximum number of trees has been affected by the project

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8. Out of the given projects, maximum forest area involved is in the State of

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9. Which shop has a share of 15% sales of the total of type D sold by all the shops?

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10. In 1979, the maximum reduction in per capita consumption of cement took place in

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11. The number of employ able showed the highest percentage increase in the year

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12. The rate of unemployment was the highest in

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13. Out of the given projects, the minimum forest area involved has been in respect of

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14. Which of the following substations showed a greater increase in the number of emergencies attended in August as compared to July?

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15. During the 3 hours shown in the table, the speed of the train increased by

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