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Quantitative Reasoning Line Graphs Test 1 Online

Test Name Quantitative Reasoning Line Graphs Test 1 Online
Subject Aptitude
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 15
Total Marks 30
Total Time 15 Mints
Test Help For
  • GRE Quantitative Comparison
  • Line Graph Test preparation.
  • Analytical Reasoning prep.
  • Verbal Reasoning Test prep.
  • CAT, MBA and XAT Test Prep.

Quantitative Reasoning Q-R Line Graphs Test is so useful these tests are available over here to make the visitors able to arrange the given data into line graph and also predict the values of the variables. Attempt these multiple choice questions to prepare for the admission tests, jobs and recruitment tests.

Quantitative Reasoning Line Graphs Test 1 Online


1. Which year registered the maximum sales turnover?

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2. In which year the number of cars sold was the lowest but financial turnover, the maximum ?

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3. Approximately, what was the actual profit made by the Department Store in the second quarter of 1999?

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4. If the forecasted demand is met by having uniform production during the weeks at an average level, then the number of weeks during which demand will not be met is?

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5. In the year 2000, total profit made by the Department Store was approximately

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6. If sales were ζ 1200 crore in 1990, then what were the total sales in the period 1990-1995?

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7. If base of the profit index is changed to 1993=100, then what would be the index of profit for the year 2000?

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8. What is the profit in the year 1998?

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9. What was the difference between the average sales index and the average cost index?

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10. If the profit was ζ 600 in 1993, then what was the profit in 1990?

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11. In which year, were the gross sales proceeds the highet?

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12. Which year was the least profitable from the fiscal point of view?

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13. The total annual profit made by the Departmental Store increased by approximately what percent from 1997 to 2000?

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14. In which of the following years, there was the maximum net growth in car sales as compared to its earlier years?

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15. If the production is uniform, then what should be the minimum capacity of the storage space to store the units in excess of demand?

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