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Quantitative Reasoning MCQS Online Test 2

Test Name Quantitative Reasoning
Subject Aptitude
Test Type MCQS
Total Question 30
Total Marks 60
Total Time 30
Test Help For
  • GMAT
  • Bank Exam
  • All Jobs Test
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  • All Forces Quiz
  • CAT
  • GATE
  • GRE

We are Glad to Provide you entire series of Quantitative Reasoning Online Test Mcqs online in a very systematic way which shall assist you to secure remarkable score in the concerned College University entry test or any competitive exam as well.This Test Contains Basic Algebra & Expression, Linear Equations, Quadratic Equations, AP, GP & HP, Logarithm, Functions respectively.Just take instant attempt on Quantitative Reasoning Online MCQS Test in order to get best practices accordingly.

Quantitative Reasoning MCQS Online Test 2 Quiz


1. mark reviewIn a certain party, there was a bowl of rice f or every two guests, a bowl of broth for every three of them and a bowl of meat for every four of them. If in all, there were 65 bowls of food, then how many guests were there in the party?

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2. mark reviewRam and Mohan are friends. Each has some money. If Ram gives ζ 30 to Mohan, then Mohan will have twice the money left with Ram. But, if Mohan gives ζ10 to Ram, then Ram will have thrice as much as is left with Mohan. How much money does each have?

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3. mark reviewA person  spends 1/3 of the money with him on clothes, 1/5 of the remaining on food and 1/4  of the remaining on travel. Now, he is left with ζ 100. How much did he have with him in the beginning?

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4. mark reviewThere are two examination rooms A and B. If 10 candidates are sent from A to B, the number of students in each room is the same. If 20 candidates are sent from B to A, the number of students in A is double the number of students in B. Find the number of students in eachroom.

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5. mark reviewIf 8x2y=512 and 33x+2y=(3²)(x+2),then what is the value of x and y?

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6. mark reviewBalls are arranged in rows to form an equilateral triangle. The first row consists of one ball, the second row consists of two balls and so on. If 669 more balls are added, then all the balls can be arranged in the shape of a square and each of the sides then contains 8 balls less than each side of the triangle had. The initial number of balls is?

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7. mark reviewIf 2x² -7xy+3y²=0, then the value of x:y is?

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8. mark reviewA machine costs m rupees per day to maintain and n passe for each unit it produces. If the machine is operated 7 days a week and produces r units in a week, then which of the following is the total cost, inζ, of operating the machine for a week?

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9. mark review(28-10√3)½ -(7+4√3)-1/2 is equal to?

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10. mark reviewIf 2x+1/2+4x=3x-1/2+3x+1/2,then x equals

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11. mark reviewA part of monthly expenses of a family is constant and the remaining varies with the price of wheat.When the rate of wheat is ζ250 a quintal, the total monthly expenses of the family are ζ1000 and when it is ζ240 a quintal, the total monthly expenses are ζ980. Find the total monthly expenses of the family when the cost wheat is ζ350 a quintal.

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12. mark reviewGiven √x+4 +√x-10/√x+4 -√x-10=5/2. Then value of x is?

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13. mark reviewRohit, Harsha and Sanjeev are three typists who, working simultaneously, can type 216 pages in four hours. In one hour, Sanjeev can type as many pages more than Harsha as Harsha can type more than Rohit. During a period of five hours, Sanjeev can type as many pages as Rohit can during seven hours. How many pages does each of them type per hour?

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14. mark reviewIf p,q,r,s are in harmonic progression and p>s, then

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15. mark reviewζ 6500 were divided equally among a certain number of persons. Had there been 15 more persons, each would have got ζ 30 less. Find the original number of persons.

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