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Quantitative Reasoning Mensuration Online Test 3

Test Name Quantitative Reasoning Mensuration Online Test 3
Subject Aptitude
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 15
Total Marks 30
Total Time 15 Mints
Test Help For
  • GRE Quantitative Comparison
  • Mensuration Test preparation.
  • Analytical Reasoning prep.
  • Verbal Reasoning Test prep.
  • Competitive and entrances test prep
  • MBA and XAT Test Preparation.

Get multiple choice question of the quantitative reasoning Q-R Mensuration Test for the preparation of all the tests and interviews. Attempt all the questions to get good marks. Q-R mensuration Test is given below.

Quantitative Reasoning Mensuration Online Test 3


1. The dimensions of a rectangular box are in the ratio 1:2:4 and the difference between the costs of covering it with the cloth and sheet at the rate of ζ 20 and ζ 20.5 per square meter respectively is ζ 126. Find the dimensions of the box

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2. Water flows out through a circular pipe whose internal diameter is 2 cm,  at the rate of 6 meters per second into a cylindrical tank, the radius of whose base is 60 cm. By how much will be level of water rise in 30 minutes?

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3. The length of a rectangular plot is increased by 25%. To keep its area unchanged, the width of the plot should be

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4. The weight of a solid cone having diameter 14 cm and vertical height 51 cm is .........., if the material of solid cone weight 10 grams per cube cm.

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5. It is required to fix a pipe such that water flowing through it at a speed of 7 meters per minute fills a tank of capacity 440 cubic meters in 10 minutes. The inner radius of the pipe should be

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6. A hemispherical bowl is made of steel 0.5 cm thick. The inside radius of the bowl is 4 cm. The volume of the steel used in making the bowl is?

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7. By what percent, the volume of a cube increases, if the length of each edge was increased by 50% ?

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8. The length of a cold storage is double its breadth. Its height is 3 meters. The area of its four walls (including the doors) is 108 m². Find its volume.

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9. Four equal circles are described about the four corners of a square so that each touches two of the others. If each side of the square is 14 cm,then area enclosed between the circumferences of the circles is?

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10. A hemispherical bowl is filled to the brim with, a beverage. The contents of the bowl are transferred into a cylindrical vessel whose radius is 50% more than its height. If the diameter is same for both the bowl and the cylinder, the volume of the beverage in the cylindrical vessel. as a percentage of the volume in the hemispherical bowl, is?

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11. ABCD is a four-sided figure with AB parallel to CD and AD parallel to BC. ADE is right angle. If the perimeter of ∆ABE is 6 cm,  then the area of the figure ABCD is?

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12. A plot of land in the form of a rectangle has a dimension 240 m × 180 m. A drainlet 10 m wide is dug all around it (one the outside) and the earth dug out is evenly spread over the plot, increasing its surface levelly by 25 cm. The depth of the drainlet is?

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13. The area of a square increases by ........ if its side increases by 30%.

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14. The sum of length, breadth and height of a room is 19m. The length of the diagonal is 11 m. The cost of painting the total surface area of the room at the rate of ζ 10 per m² is?

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15. A metallic sheet is of rectangular shape with dimensions 28 m × 36 m. From each of its corners, a square is cut off so as to make an open box. The volume of the box is X m³, when the length of the square is 8 m. The value of X is?

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