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Quantitative Reasoning Mixed Diagram Test 2 Online

Test Name Quantitative Reasoning Mixed Diagram Test 2 Online
Subject Aptitude
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 15
Total Marks 30
Total Time 15 Mints
Test Help For
  • GRE Quantitative Comparison
  • Aptitude Test preparation.
  • Analytical Reasoning prep.
  • Verbal Reasoning Test prep.
  • CAT, MBA and XAT Test Prep.

Quantitative Reasoning Mixed Diagram Test 2 Online for the preparation of all the colleges and universities admission tests, mock quiz, MBA, CAT, XAT, NMAT, All Forces Entrance Tests and jobs and recruitment test.

Quantitative Reasoning Mixed Diagram Test 2 Online


1. If due to an HR Ministry report it is obligatory for the government to allocate at least ζ 3,200 crore for education in 1999, provide educational spending, as a percentage of the GDP, does not exceed 6.5% , then what is the least desirable GDP for 1999 (in ζ 000 crore)?

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2. The actual input in fertilizers in the year 2000-01 exceeded the input in the year 1990-91 by approximately

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3. The input in the feed in the year 2000-01 from that in the year 1990-91 has approximately

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4. In terms of actual financial input in electricity and diesel, the increase in the year 200-01 as compared to 1990-91 was roughly

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5. The total amount given to education would be how many times the total amount given to defense, if every year 2% of the GDP is given to defense (for the entire period)?

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6. In Tamil Nadu, if we suppose that 70% of the females and 75% of the males become literate, then what is the total number of illiterates in the State?

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7. The expenditure on fuel import compared to contribution due to crude & petroleum products export is

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8. Approximately, how much money has been invested in state-issued bonds?

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9. What is the average rate of the contribution of exports to the sales during the period 1994-95 to 1998-99 as a percentage?

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10. The fraction of the total expenditure for 1980 and 1990 spent on compensation was about

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11. The ration of money invested in Mutual Funds and State-issued bonds is approximately

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12. Which of the following earned the least amount of money for the investment portfolio?

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13. The total input in fertilizers and feed in the year 1990-91 amounted to approximately ζ

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14. The amount spent in 1980 for materials, advertising and taxes was about the same as

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15. Approximately, how much money of the Investment Portfolio has been invested in high-risk stocks?

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