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Quantitative Reasoning Number System Test Online Mcqs

Test Name Quantitative Reasoning Number System Test
Subject Aptitude
Test Type MCQS
Total Question 30
Total Marks 60
Total Time 30
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Quantitative Reasoning Number System Test Online Mcqs


1. If x+y > 5 and x-y > 3, then which of the following gives all possible values of x?

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2. Which of the following integers is the square of an integer of every integer n?


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3. The cube root to 1.61208

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4. A boy was asked to write 25×92,but he wrote 2592.The numerical difference between the two is

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5. The least number having four digits which is a perfect square is

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6. Of the 120 people in the room ,3/5 are women.If 2/3 of the people are married, then what is the maximum number of women in the room who could be unmarried?

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7. What is the least fraction which,when added to or subtracted from 29/12+15/16,will make the result a whole number.

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8. How many integers between 100 and 150, both inclusive, can be evenly divided by neither 3 nor 5?

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9. How many odd numbered pages are there in a book of 1089 pages?

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10. If 6440 soldiers were asked to stand in rows to form a perfect square, it was found that 40 soldiers were left out, What was the number of soldiers in each row?

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11. What is the eight term of the sequence 1,4,9,16,25,...........?

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12. The missing number in the series 8,24,12,36,18,54,—is

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13. Given n=1+x and x is product of four consecutive integers.Then which of the following is true?

1. n is an odd integer

2. n is prime

3. n is a perfect square

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14. Which one of the following is the largest?

2√5, 6√3, 3√7 and 8√2

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15. If 11, 109, 999, is divided by 1111, then what is the remainder?

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