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Quantitative Reasoning Profit Loss Mcqs Test Online

Test Name Quantitative Reasoning Profit Loss Mcqs Test
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Quantitative Reasoning Profit Loss Mcqs Test Online


1. A dealer buys dry fruit at the rate of ζ 100,ζ 80 and ζ 60 per kg.He bought them in the ratio 12:15:20 by weight.He in total gets 20% profit by selling the first two and at last he finds he has no gain no loss in selling the whole quantity which had.What was the percentage loss he suffered for the third quantity?

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2. A man sells a article at 5% profit.If he had bought it at 5% less and sold it for ζ  1 less,he would have gained 10%.The cost price of the article is?

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3. What per cent selling price would be 34% of cost price if gross profit is 26% of the selling price?

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4. A manufacturer of a certain item can sell all he can produce at the selling price of ζ 60 each.It costs him ζ 40 in materials and labor to produce each item and he has overhead expenses of ζ 3000 per week in order to operate that plant.The number of units he should produce and sell in order to make a profit of at least ζ 1000 per weeks is?

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5. The sale price of an article including the Sales Tax is ζ 616.The rate of Sales Tax is 10%.If the shopkeeper has made a profit of 12%.then the cost price of the article is?

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6. An oil refinery takes 100 liters of crude oil as input and after refining for 1 hour gives certain amount of output oil X liters.This can be sold in the marker at a profit of ζ 30 per liter.If this oil is further refined for 1/2 hour it gives oil Y liters.This can be sold at a profit of ζ 50 per liter.Output and input ratio at both the stages is 90%.The maximum amount that can be earned from 1000 liters of crude input is?

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7. Ravi sells an article at a gain of 12 1/2%.If had sold it ζ 22.50 more.he would have gained 25%.The cost price of the article is?

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8. My friend collects antique stamps.She purchased two,but found that she needed to raise money urgently.So she sold them for  ζ 8000 each.On one she made 20% profit and on the other she lost 20% .How much did she gain or lose in the entire transaction?

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9. The retail price of a water geyser is  ζ 1265.If the manufacturer gains 10%,the wholesale dealer gains 15% and the retailer gains 25%,then the cost of the product is?

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10. On selling a pen at 5% loss and a book at 15% gain,Karim gains ζ 7.If he sells the pen at 5% gain and the book at 10% gain,then he gains  ζ13.The actual price of the book is?

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11. If cost of 12 pencils is equal to the selling price of 10 pencils,then profit percent in the transaction is?

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12. Three partners altogether invested  ζ 1,14,000 in a business.At the end of the year,one got  ζ 337.50,the second  ζ 1,125 and the third  ζ 675 as profit.What is the percentage of profit?

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13. A cycle agent buys 30 bicycles, of which 8 are first grade and the rest are second grade,for  ζ 3150.Find at what price he must sell the first grade bicycles so that if he sells the second grade bicycles at three quarters of the price,he may make a profit of 40% on his outlay?

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14. A trader marks his goods at such a price that he can deduct 15% for cash and yet make 20% profit.Find the market price of an item which cost him ζ 90.

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15. If 7% of the sale price of an article is equivalent to 8% of its cost price and 9% of its sale price exceeds 10% of its cost price by Re.1,then what is the cost price of the article?

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