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Ray and Wave Optics Test Online MCQs

Test Name Ray and Wave Optics MCQs Test
Subject Physics
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 15
Total Marks 30
Total Time 15 Mints
Test Help For
  • Physics Subject Test Prep.
  • All Admissions Test.
  • All Jobs Test prep.
  • Medical and B Tech Test prep.
  • BDS and Engineering Test prep.

Check your knowledge about Ray and Wave Optics by attempting MCQs Test Online for the preparation of admission exams, physic subject test, engineering test medical test. Ray and Wave Optics MCQs Test Online is given below.

Ray and Wave Optics Test Online MCQs


1. On a rainy day, if there is an oil drop on tar road, coloured rings are seen around this drop. This is because of:

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2. An astronomical telescope of ten fold angular magnification has a length of 44 cm. The focal length of the objective is:

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3. If two mirrors are kept at 45° to each other and a body is placed in the middle then total number of images formed is:

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4. A cylindrical vessel is filled with water as shown if figure. A hole should be bored so that the water comes out upto maximum distance of:


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5. The critical angle for the material of a prism is 45° and its refracting angle is 30°. A monochromatic ray goes out perpendicular to the surface of emergence from the prism. Then the angle of incidence on the prism will be:

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6. The Cauchy’s dispersion formula is

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7. An equilateral prism is made of a material of refractive index √3. The angle of minimum deviation for the prism is:

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8. The ratio of intensities of two waves is 9 : 1. If they superimpose, the ratio of maximum to minimum intensity will be:

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9. Light of wavelength 6000 Å id reflected at nearly normal incidence from a soap films of refractive index 1.4. the least thickness of the film that will appear black is:

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10. Mirage is a phenomenon due to

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11. Light appears to travel in a straight line, because

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12. If a star is moving towards earth then the spectrum lines are shifted towards:

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13. If the luminous intensity of a unidirectional bulb is 100 candela then total luminous flux emitted from the bulb is:

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14. A concave mirror having the focal length 15cm, forms an image having twice of the linear dimensions of the object. If the image is virtual, then the position of the object will be:

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15. When a ray of light enters a glass slab, then

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