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Reproduction and Development in Angiosperms Online Test Mcqs

Test Name Reproduction and Development in Angiosperms Test
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Angiosperms that contain both male and female gametophytes within the same flower are called complete and are considered to be androgynous or hermaphroditic. Micro-spores develop in the microorganism and form mature pollen grains male gametophytes, which are then used to fertilize female gametophytes. In order to get know each and everything about such natural process in depth just follow the Reproduction and Development in Angiosperms Online Test Mcqs over here.

Reproduction and Development in Angiosperms Online Test Mcqs


1. The egg apparatus is represented by:

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2. Ovule of an angiosperms is equivalent to:

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3. Monosporic 8-nucleated female gametophyte is found in:

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4. When compared to the egg cell, sperms cells are:

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5. In angiosperms, the free nuclear divisions take place during:

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6. The number of chromosomes present in leaf tip cell of a plant species, having six chromosomes in each cell of pollen tetrad, would be:

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7. Embryo-sac is another name for:

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8. When pollen tube enters the embryo-sac, it has:

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9. Pollen grain is considered to be one of the following:

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10. The tapetal calls of anthers in angiosperms are generally:

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11. In a fertilized ovule, integuments give rise to:

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12. After culturing the anther of a plant, a few diploid plants were found along with haploid plants. The diploid plants could have arisen from:

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13. 256 microspores shall be formed as a result of reduction division in:

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14. In flowering plants, meiosis occurs at the time of:

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15. If an embryo develops from a synergid, it is called:

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16. After fertilization the seed coats develop from:

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17. The endosperm cell of an angiosperm has 24 chromosomes, the number of chromosomes in its Megaspores, shall be:

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18. Porogamy is a process of fertilization wherein pollen tube first comes in contact with the ovule at its:

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19. An embryo-sac produced during apospory will be:

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20. Study of formation, growth and development of a new individual generally from an egg is known as:

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