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Scientific Instruments Online Test

Test Name Scientific Instruments Info Test
Subject General Knowledge
Test Type Mcqs
Total Question 14
Total Marks 28
Total Time 15 Minutes
Test Help For
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  • Basic of Science Knowledge
  • General Knowledge
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Scientific Instruments Online Test

General Knowledge

1. mark reviewHydrometer is the device that measure ?

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2. mark reviewWhy ammeter is used ?

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3. mark reviewA light microscope uses lenses to make the objects looks much bigger. What this increase in size is called ?

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4. mark reviewSailors and other travellers used a device to find close to the North and South geographic poles. How is known the device ?

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5. mark reviewWhich instrument is used to receive radio waves from objects in space ?

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6. mark reviewThermometer is used to ?

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7. mark reviewWho invented chronometer ?

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8. mark reviewName the device that is used to measure the humidity ?

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9. mark reviewFor which purpose seismograph is used ?

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10. mark reviewWhich instrument  is used to measure the pressure of air ?

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11. mark reviewFor which purpose instrument Centrifuge is used ?

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12. mark reviewMention the instrument that is used to split light into its spectrum ?

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13. mark reviewWhich instrument is used for estimating the height of an aircraft above sea level ?

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14. mark reviewWhich instrument is used to measure minute electrical currents ?

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