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Solid & Gaseous State Test Online MCQs

Test Name Solid & Gaseous State MCQs Test
Subject Chemistry
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 15
Total Marks 30
Total Time 15 Mints
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Solid & Gaseous State MCQs Test Online for the preparation of written test, interviews, Mock test and chemistry subject admission test. These tests will also increase your knowledge about the topic of Solid & Gaseous State. Attempt Solid & Gaseous State MCQs Test Online Below.

Solid & Gaseous State Test Online MCQs


1. In P versus V graph, the horizontal line is found in which _________ exits. 


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2. Gold has a face centered cubic lattice with an edge length of the unit cube of 407 pm. Assuming the closest packing, the diameter of the gold atom is 


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3. An AB₂ type structure is found in


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4. If Z is the number of atoms in the unit cell that represents the closest packing sequence …. ABC ABC……., the number of tetrahedral voids in the unit cell is equal to:


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5. Which of the following compounds show sublimation?


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6. What is the coordination number of sodium in Na₂O?


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7. Amongst the following statements, the correct one is:


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8. Schottky defect defines imperfection in the lattice structure of


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9. Which equation shows correct form of Berthelot equation?


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10. The Ca²⁺ and F⁻ are located in CaF₂ crystal, respectively at face centre cubic lattice points and in


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11. The inversion temperature Ti(K) of hydrogen is (given van der Waal’s constants a and b are 0.244 atm L² mol⁻² and 0.027 L mol⁻¹ respectively)


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12. Coordination numbers of Zn²⁺ and S²⁻ in the crystal structure of wurtzite are 


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13. The compound, molecular in nature in gas phase but ionic in solid state is:


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14. If P is pressure and ρ is density of a gas, then P and ρ are related as


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15. The volume-temperature graphs of a given mass of an ideal gas at constant pressure are shown below. 



What is the correct order of pressures?

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