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Solid & Gaseous State Test Online MCQs

Test Name Solid & Gaseous State MCQs Test
Subject Chemistry
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 15
Total Marks 30
Total Time 15 Mints
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Solid & Gaseous State MCQs Test Online for the preparation of written test, interviews, Mock test and chemistry subject admission test. These tests will also increase your knowledge about the topic of Solid & Gaseous State. Attempt Solid & Gaseous State MCQs Test Online Below.

Solid & Gaseous State Test Online MCQs


1. For the diffusion of a gas at pressure P, the rate of diffusion is expressed by:


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2. What is the coordination number of sodium in Na₂O?


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3. Schottky defect defines imperfection in the lattice structure of


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4. In P versus V graph, the horizontal line is found in which _________ exits. 


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5. Amongst the following statements, the correct one is:


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6. Which is not correct about the Schottky defects?


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7. If P is pressure and ρ is density of a gas, then P and ρ are related as


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8. Which equation shows correct form of Berthelot equation?


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9. Van der Waal’s equation [P+a/V²](V-b)= nRT is applicable for:


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10. The Ca²⁺ and F⁻ are located in CaF₂ crystal, respectively at face centre cubic lattice points and in


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11. The space lattice of graphite is


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12. The coordination number in hcp is


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13. At 298 K, equal volumes of SO₂, CH₄ and O₂ are mixed in empty container. The total pressure exerted in 2.1 atm. The partial pressure of CH₄ in mixture is:


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14. Dominance of strong repulsive forces among the molecules of the gas (Z = compressibility factor):


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15. The compressibility factor of an ideal gas is:


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