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Solids Semi Conductor Devices and Communication System Test Online

Test Name Solids & Semi Conductor Devices and Communication System Test
Subject Physics
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 15
Total Marks 30
Total Time 15 Mints
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Solids & Semi Conductor Devices and Communication System Test Being Provided over here. Attempt online multiple choice questions of Solids and Semi Conductors Devices and also get Communication System Test at this page.

Solids Semi Conductor Devices and Communication System Test Online


1. The value of current gain α of a transistor is 0.98. The value of β will be:


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2. In a full wave rectifier circuit operating from 50 Hz mains frequency, what is the fundamental frequency in the ripple?


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3. Consider an n-p-n transistor amplifier in common emitter configuration. The current gain of the transistor is 100. If the collector current changes by 1mA, what will be the change in emitter current


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4. In communication with help of antenna if height is double then the range covered which was initially r would become


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5. In n-type semiconductor, majority charge carriers are


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6. Diode is used as a/an


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7. A triode valve has an amplification factor of 20 and its plate is given a potential of 300 V. The grid voltage to reduce the plate current to zero is:


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8. Which of the following is an amorphous solid?


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9. If the highest modulating frequency of the wave is 5 kHz, the number of stations that can be accomdated in a 150 kHz bandwidth are


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10. A Ge specimen is doped with A1. The concentration of acceptor atoms is ~ 10²¹ atoms/m³. given that the intrinsic concentration of electron-hole pairs is ~ 10¹⁹/m³, the concentration of electrons in the specimen is

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11. Which logic gate is represented by the following combination of logic gates?



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12. The variation of anode current in a triode valve corresponding to a change in grid potential at three different values of the plate potential is shown in the given figure. The mutual conductance of triode is:



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13. To a germanium sample, traces of gallium are added as an impurity. The resultant sample would behave like.


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14. Which of the following logic gates is an universal gate?


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15. An amplifier has a voltage gain Av = 1000. The voltage gain in dB is:


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