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General Knowledge

1. Name the website which broke the cricket-match-fixing story?

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2. Who is the first Indian batsman to score a triple century in Test Cricket?

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3. Beighton Cup is awarded for which sport?

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4. Leander Paes paired with whom to win the Australian Open Tennis Championship in 2003?

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5. Which one of the following teams was not in the cricket super six league match of the recently-concluded world cup?

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6. Which country will be organising Olympic Games in 2016?

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7. Standard Cricket bats are made of ________?

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8. Sania Mirza of India won the Girls Wimbledon Doubles Championship 2003 partnering with _______.

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9. Who is the 2001 FIFA Footballer of the Year?

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10. 2010 Commonwealth Games are scheduled to be held in _________.

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11. The 14th Asian Games were held in Busan during September-October 2002. Busan is in _______.

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12. Where will the first match of the 2011 cricket world cup be played?

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13. Who among the following won the All-England Badminton Championship?

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14. Which city in the world has the distinct of hosting the most cricket matches _________?

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15. Who is India's sportsperson selected by the UN as its messenger of peace to help spread the message of world harmony?

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16. Which game in Ian Thorpe associated with _______.

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17. The term 'Chinaman' is associated with ________?

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18. When did India won the Gold Medal in hockey at the Olympics last time?

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19. Which of the following cricketers is nicknamed "The Pied Piper of Punjab"?

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20. 15th World Chess Championship was won by________?

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