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TV Channels in India Test GK Mcqs Online

Test Name TV Channels in India Test
Subject General Knowledge
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Total Question 7
Total Marks 14
Total Time 10 Minutes
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There are currently 857 permitted private satellite television stations in India. As of 2 December 2015, there are also more than 190 government channels. Hindi-language television channels have the highest market share. Numerous regional channels are also available throughout India, often distributed according to languages. Get complete list of Indian TV channels for Sports, Movies, Cartoons, Educations, History, Geographical, Forces, News, Politics basis in following below test.

TV Channels in India Test GK Mcqs Online


1. Which one of the following is the founder of Zee TV?

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2. M TV was launched in ________:

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3. The first ever sports channel of India was _________ ?

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4. The Indian based Business news channel is _________ ?

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5. MBC TV is a _______ language TV channel?

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6. The Indian English news channel is _________ ?

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7. Which one of these is a Marathi language news channel?

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