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Unit , Dimensions & Measurements Test Online MCQs

Test Name Unit , Dimensions & Measurements MCQs Test
Subject Physics
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 15
Total Marks 30
Total Time 15 Mints
Test Help For
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Physical quantities, Unit , Dimensions & Measurements are so important in all aspects of life. Get the knowledge of the Unit , Dimensions & Measurements Multiple Choice Questions Test for the preparation of universities and colleges tests.

Unit , Dimensions & Measurements Test Online MCQs


1. What is the dimensional formula of gravitational constant?

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2. Which of the following pairs does not have similar dimensions?

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3. The dimensions of Planck’s constant are

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4. Using mass (M), length (L), time (T)and current (A) as fundamental quantities, the dimensional formula of permittivity is:

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5. The magnetic moment has dimensions of

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6. Velocity of light is equal to

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7. The dimensional formula of the constant a in Vander Wall’s gas equation (P + a/V²)(V-b) =RT is:

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8. The length and breadth of a metal sheet are 3.124 m and 3.002 m respectively. The area of this sheet up to four correct significant figure is:

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9. Using mass (M), length (L), time (T) and current (A) as fundamental quantities, the dimensions of permeability are:

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10. Dimensions of electrical resistance are

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11. What is the dimensions of impedance?

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12. The activity of radioactive sample is measured as 9750 counts per minute at t = 0 and as 975 counts per minute at t = 5 minutes, the decay constant is approximately

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13. Which of the following physical quantities do not have same dimensions?

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14. Dimensions of coefficient of viscosity is

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15. The dimensions of torque are

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