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Units and Measurement Test Online MCQs

Test Name Units and Measurement MCQs Test
Subject Physics
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 20
Total Marks 40
Total Time 20 Mints
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Get all the questions and answers of Units and Measurement in MCQs Test over here. Attempt all these questions to check your knowledge and improve intellectual level. These questions are helpful to increase your knowledge about Unit and Measurement and also measuring instrument and their techniques.

Units and Measurement Test Online MCQs


1. length were measured in meters and time in seconds but a new unit of mass were chosen in order to make G = 1. How many kilograms would be in this new unit of mass?

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2. If L = 36 ± 4 mm, B = 14 ± 2 mm, what is the maximum error possible in the determination of x = 2 (L - B):

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3. If E, G, J and m represent energy, universal gravitational constant, angular momentum and mass respectively, the dimensions of EJ²/m⁵G²:

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4. Dimension of 1/ɛ0 e²/hc, where e = electronic charge , h = planck constant, c = velocity of light:

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5. The product (PV) has the dimensions:

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6. Order of magnitude of light year expressed in meters is:

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7. In the above question, the tolerance when resistors are connected in parallels:

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8. A pressure of 10⁶ dyne/cm² is equivalent to:

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9. The unit of co-efficient of thermal conductivity is:

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10. The approximate distance of the nearest galaxy (Andromeda) is:

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11. The ratio of one kWh to one MeV is:

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12. When Bernoulli’s theorem is expressed as P/pg + ½ v²/g + h =  constant the dimensions of the constant on the right hand side of the equation are given as:

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13. The physical quantity which has the dimensional formula M-1L1T+2

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14. Which one of the following has been expressed in proper units:

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15. Neutron was discovered by:

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16. The measured mass and volume of a body are 22.42 gm and 4.7 cm³ with possible error 0.01 gm and 0.1 cc. The maximum error in density is about:

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17. The dimensional formula of Hall coefficient h is:

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18. 1 kg f/cm² is equal to:

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19. Error in the measurement of the radius of a sphere is 1%. Then error in the measurement of volume is:

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20. On the main scale of vernier calipers, each cm lengths is divided into 10 divisions. In the vernier has to have a least count of 0.005 cm, the vernier scale should have:

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