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Verbal Ability Choosing the Best Alternative Online Test 1

Test Name Verbal Ability Choosing the Best Alternative Online Test 1
Subject English
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 30
Total Marks 60
Total Time 30 Mints
Test Help For
  • CAT
  • GATE
  • GRE
  • MAT
  • Bank Exam
  • All Jobs Test
  • All Entrance Exams
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Verbal Ability Choosing the Best Alternative Online Test 1

Verbal Ability

1. Eaten in Portugal only, the Indians viewed the potato with suspicion for they assumed it had poisonous properties since only the white- skinned people consumed it ?

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2. The all- pervasiveness of the internet has led to a joke that a few bored home sapiens left to themselves in a single room with a couple of computer for some days, would eventually produce something that would either make Shakespeare  jealous or plane wild ?

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3. Every candidate under consider for a military job undergo a thorough medical examination ?

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4. Because coughing spread germs and Ram is coughing Ram is spreading germs ?

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5. Many employers now believe that the advancement in technology has improved the environment for the workers who can now work up to 18 hours a day and still does not feel physically tired ?

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6. Although he is liable to make political enemies with the decision, the Finance Minister will propose severe tax cuts that may both stimulate business and reduce the availability of loans  ?

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7. Using it wisely, leisure promotes health, efficiency and happiness ?

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8. Although the advisory commission on Central America has completed their report that addresses the political tensions in that area, no easing of tensions has resulted ?

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9. The book is well-printed and attractively bounds making altogether an attractive volume ?

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10. The news of her employment soon circulated around the small town ?

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11. To create a new game means expending lot of sweat, and calls for all the members of the development team to play its role with aplomb throughout the long- drawn -out procedure before the game sees the light of the day ?

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12. In Southern Bengal, many banyan trees are planted are the end of a village or at the border of a district for providing excellent shade at summers, and shelter during winter from the bitter winds ?

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13. The pleura the cover the exterior of the lungs and the inner walls of the chest vavity is a thin elastic membrane ?

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14. Unless they reverse present policies immediately, the world may  suffer permanent damage from the unregulated use of pesticides ?

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15. Hard work and self- discipling  often result in a rise not only in one's salary but also is your self-esteem ?

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