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Verbal Ability Choosing the Best Alternative Online Test 1

Test Name Verbal Ability Choosing the Best Alternative Online Test 1
Subject English
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 30
Total Marks 60
Total Time 30 Mints
Test Help For
  • CAT
  • GATE
  • GRE
  • MAT
  • Bank Exam
  • All Jobs Test
  • All Entrance Exams
  • All Forces Quiz

Verbal Ability Choosing the Best Alternative Online Test 1

Verbal Ability

1. mark reviewIn Southern Bengal, many banyan trees are planted are the end of a village or at the border of a district for providing excellent shade at summers, and shelter during winter from the bitter winds ?

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2. mark reviewIt is difficult to diagnose malaria because its first symptoms are similar to any viral fever ?

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3. mark reviewThe pleura the cover the exterior of the lungs and the inner walls of the chest vavity is a thin elastic membrane ?

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4. mark reviewShe wished that her career could be as glamourous as the other women but not willing to work as they had ?

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5. mark reviewThe state has least twenty colleges of whom only six are officially recognised ?

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6. mark reviewHard work and self- discipling  often result in a rise not only in one's salary but also is your self-esteem ?

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7. mark reviewThough he was more faster than his opponent on the field, his chances of winning the race was low as he lacked the killer instinct ?

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8. mark reviewUsing it wisely, leisure promotes health, efficiency and happiness ?

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9. mark reviewUnless they reverse present policies immediately, the world may  suffer permanent damage from the unregulated use of pesticides ?

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10. mark reviewIf they cooperate together by dividing up the work they shall be over with the work faster ?

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11. mark reviewBritish Airspace has been focusing on building European links ?

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12. mark reviewIt is the craziness for speeding that is maddening that is responsible for many motor accidents ?

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13. mark reviewMany of us bemoan our lack of foresight by  complaining that if  we would have bought property twenty years ago, we could have taken advantage of the recent real estate boom ?

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14. mark reviewTo create a new game means expending lot of sweat, and calls for all the members of the development team to play its role with aplomb throughout the long- drawn -out procedure before the game sees the light of the day ?

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15. mark reviewThe Vice President of the local bank spoke for a half an hour and fold his colleague that he his colleague must consider finding a new job, or accept a reduction in salary ?

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