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Verbal Ability Choosing the Best Alternative Online Test

Test Name Verbal Ability Choosing the Best Alternative Online Test
Subject English
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 30
Total Marks 60
Total Time 30 Mints
Test Help For
  • CAT
  • GATE
  • GRE
  • MAT
  • Bank Exam
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Verbal Ability Choosing the Best Alternative Online Test

Verbal Ability

1. mark reviewWhich determines a good meal varies form country to country ?

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2. mark reviewAn unexpected raise /in the cost of living as well as a decline in employment opportunities resulted in the rapid of new Government ?

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3. mark reviewIt can take hundreds of different experiments to achieve a ultimate solution ?

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4. mark reviewRegardless of your teaching method, the objective of any conversation class should be for the students to practice speaking words ?

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5. mark reviewIn 60's beatles, with their haircuts, clothes and joking drew crowds of shrieking teenagers ?

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6. mark reviewThe baby was left in charge of an elderly lady ?

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7. mark reviewMor than one science have contributed to the success of this venture ?

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8. mark reviewThe way of communication has changed dramatically since the last century ?

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9. mark reviewOrganise laboure has fight for and won protection and benefits for its workers ?

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10. mark reviewWhen they have been frightened, as, for example, by and electrical storm, dairy cows may refuse giving milk ?

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11. mark reviewRiver water pollution is often indicate by algae distribution ?

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12. mark reviewGandhi lived a noble life fasting and poverty in order to work for peaceful and independence ?

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13. mark reviewNo sooner had  he come from Mumbai when he was asked to proceed to Delhi ?

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14. mark reviewAlexander Calder, who was originally interested in mechanical engineering later because a sculpture ?

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15. mark reviewA planetarium with his downed calling and many projections is capablle of showing the position of the stars in any season ?

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