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Verbal Ability Sentence Completion Online Test 4

Test Name Verbal Ability Sentence Completion Online Test 4
Subject English
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 30
Total Marks 60
Total Time 30 Mints
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Verbal Ability Sentence Completion Online Test 4

Verbal Ability

1. Part of the confusion in our societies __________________ from our pursuit of efficiency and economic growth, in the ____________ that these are the necessary ingredients of progress ?

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2. They refused to ______________ any more evasive replies and decided to resolve the issue within the ____________ of the major ?

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3. After listening to the pleas for _____________ the judge was ____________ and gave the convicted man the maximum punishment allowed by law ?

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4. Pipes are not a safer ________________ to cigarettes because, though pips smokers do not inhale, they are still ___________ higher rates of lung  and mouth cancers than non- smokers ?

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5. The conflict of man with physical nature is turned into a  ______________ in proportion as man learns the ___________ of nature and thereby become able to  co-operate with her ?

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6. Handicrafts constitute an important ___________ of the decentralized sector of India's economy and __________ employment to over six million artisans ?

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7. Some people have the ____________ for learning foreign languages but they have no _________ to speak any ?

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8. Because of its tendency to _______________ most Indian art  is ____________ Japanese art, where symbols have been minimized and meaning has been conveyed by using the method of the merest suggestion ?

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9. Even though the region was prone to hurricanes the ____________ of the tornado last year was ________ ?

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10. In the role of a counsellor, you are an authority figure whose objective is to __________ attentively and sensitively to employees who ___________ you with their feelings ?

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11. Many people in Delhi celebrated Diwali in a grand way ________ the high prices ?

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12. The quality of ___________ between individuals and the organization for which they work can be ___________ to be benefit of both parties ?

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13. If a junior executive neglects hes professional development and ____________ education, he can easily and quickly become obsolete in a world changing at _____________ rates ?

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14. When listening to t;he chanting of the scriptures, the listner does not encounter the musician's individual personality _________ the chant merely __________ both the musical and religious rules of the period ?

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15. War has been, through history, the chief ____________ of social cohesion; and since science began, it has been the strongest _________ to technical progress ?

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