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Verbal Blood Relations Test Online 2

Test Name Verbal Blood Relations Test Online 2
Subject Aptitude Advance
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 20
Total Marks 40
Total Time 20 Mints
Test Help For
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Verbal Blood Relations Test Online 2


1. Pointing to a photograph, a lady tells Pramod, “I am the only daughter of this lady and her son is your maternal uncle.” How is the speaker related to Pramod’s father?

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2. Showing the man receiving the prize, Saroj said, “He is the brother of my uncle’s daughter.” Who is the man to Saroj?

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3. Pointing out to a lady, a girl said, “She is the daughter-in-law of the grandmother of my father’s only son.” How is the lady related to the girl?

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4. Pointing to a gentleman, Deepak said, “His only brother is the father of my daughter’s father.” How is the gentleman related to Deepak?

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5. Pointing to a photograph, a woman says, “This man’s son’s sister is my mother-in-law.” How is the woman’s husband related to the man in the photograph?

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6. Pointing to a woman, Naman said, “She is the daughter of the only child of my grandmother.” How is the woman related to Naman?

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7. Pointing to a man in a photograph, a woman said, “His brother’s father is the only son of my grandfather.” How is the woman related to the man in the photograph?

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8. Pointing to a girl in the photograph, Amar said, “Her mother’s brother is the only son of my mother’s father.” How is the girl’s mother related to Amar?

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9. Pointing to the woman in the picture, Rajiv said, “Her mother has only one grandchild whose mother is my wife.” How is the woman in the picture related to Rajiv?

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10. A girl introduced a boy as the son of the daughter of the father of her uncle. The boy is girl’s

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11. Pointing to a photograph, Arun said, “She is the mother of my son’s wife’s daughter.” How is Arun related to the lady?

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12. If Neena says, “Anita’s father Raman is the only son of my father-in-law Mahipal”, then how is Bindu, who is the sister of Anita, related to Mahipal?

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13. Rahul told Anand, “Yesterday I defeated the only brother of the daughter of my grandmother.” Whom did Rahul defeat?

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14. Pointing to an old man, Kunal said, “His son is my son’s uncle.” How is the old man related to Kunal?

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15. Pointing to a person, a man said to a woman, “His mother is the only daughter of your father.” How was the woman related to the person?

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