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Verbal Reasoning Situation Reaction Online Test 3

Test Name Verbal Reasoning Situation Reaction Online Test 3 MCQs
Subject Aptitude Advance
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 15
Total Marks 30
Total Time 15 Mints
Test Help For
  • All Admission Test prep.
  • All Jobs and recruitment Test.
  • Quantitative Reasoning Test prep.
  • Analytical Reasoning Test Prep.
  • Intelligence Test Preparation.
  • IQ Test preparation.

Indian students can get Situation Reaction Online Test 3 of the Verbal Reasoning Situation Reaction Online Test for IIT JEE, WBJEE, UPSEE and other engineering entrance examination absolutely free. Online Verbal Situation Reaction Test Practice and Preparation Tests cover all Elements. The Verbal Situation Reaction are placed here.

Verbal Reasoning Situation Reaction Online Test 3


1. You find that in your office some people do not have much work. You will try

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2. Your bathroom tap is leaking and is a constant source of irritating noise. You would

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3. When communicating information on an important company policy change, what sort of medium would you choose?

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4. You are a social worker. On visiting an orphanage, there is one child who is not ready to let you go away.

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5. An angry customer wants to meet the senior manager for grievance reporting. What will you do?

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6. Your colleague is not performing his duties up to the mark. You will

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7. You are in a bus. The bus reaches your stop but still you have not purchased the ticket because of heavy rush. What will you do?

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8. When you visit any historical place, you try to

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9. When you pass by a dead body, you

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10. You have worked hard on an idea which you believe would be a breakthrough. But the presentation does not go as you had hoped it would. You

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11. You

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12. After your graduation, you are offered a well-paid government job. However, your friend says that you have to bribe to get the appointment order. You

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13. While travelling in a train, you observe some college students pulling the alarm chain simply to get down at their desired point. You would

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14. Your boss has given you some urgent assignment at the end hour. What would you do?

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15. You are a team leader and you are supposed to hold convention of HR issues. But your team members are unable to get adequate sponsorship.

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