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XAT Mock Test Preparation Mcqs Online

Test Name XAT Mock Test
Subject Mock Test
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 60
Total Marks 120
Total Time 40 Minutes
Test Help For
  • XAT Test.
  • Mock Test.
  • General Knowledge.
  • MBA Entrance Exam.
  • XLRI Test.
  • XAMI Test.
  • Verbal Ability.
  • Logical Ability.
  • Decision Making.
  • Quantitative Ability.
  • Data Interpretation sections.

Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) is a entry test admissions paper based common test for entrance in academic programs of XLRI and other XAT affiliated member Institutes. The XAT paper is divided in two sections. In the XAT paper first part was objective, consisting of questions from Verbal & LR, Quants & DI and Decision making to solved these examinations exercise.

For complete your preparation take following sample model papers based exercise and General knowledge contain questions XAT mock test.

XAT Mock Test Preparation Mcqs Online


1. mark review38 + 28 will be not divisible by which number?

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2. mark review'Wide' is related to 'Narrow' in the same way as 'Nervous' is related to

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3. mark reviewA.  In rich countries, virtually the entire population will be expected to be permanently connected to the internet, both as employees and as consumers.

B.  This will at last make IT pervasive and ubiquitous, like electricity or telephones before it.

C.  The boundaries between office, car and home will become increasingly blurred and will eventually disappear altogether.

D.  So the emphasis will shift towards making gadgets and networks simple to use.

Rearrange the sentences to form a coherent and intelligible paragraph. Choose the correct arrangement of the sentences given in the options after each set of jumbled sentences.

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4. mark reviewA. The cancellation of the 4 GHz version of the Pentium is Intel's clearest admission yet that clock speed is no longer the best gauge of processor performance; hence forth, it will increasingly take a back seat to other metrics.

B.  For most people, Moore,s law manifests itself as a steady increase in clock speed from one year to the next.

C.  But the law itself, the death of which has been announced many times, will live on.

D.  What does all this mean for Moore's Intel's co-founder, which states that the amount of computing power available at a given price doubles every 18 months.

Rearrange the sentences to form a coherent and intelligible paragraph. Choose the correct arrangement of the sentences given in the options after each set of jumbled sentences.

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5. mark reviewNemesis from

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6. mark reviewWhich of the following statement is true?

Is politics still a man's preserve?

Gender has never been an issue in my party, asserts Supriya Performance is the only criterion. There is no question of being inferior or superior to someone. But, not everyone subscribe to this opinion. Politics is through and through a man's preserve. Women in politics willy-billy toe the agenda set by males, avers Kanti Bhai without mincing words.

Did having carved a space in what was predominantly a male terrain impart a do-or-die quality in women politicians? Most women politicians today accord family high priority. So, is the balance tough to strike? Some women politicians take instant exception when posed question on work and family balance. Why don't you ask men the same question? They too have responsibilities towards their families.

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7. mark reviewCONCUR

Pick the right meaning of the following words.

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8. mark reviewA 45 cm high bucket having radii 28 cm and 7cm. What will be its volume?


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9. mark reviewLetting forests die is self-destructive

Letting forests die is self-destructive their role as a filter of the world's pollution, a sponge that absorbs carbon dioxide and slows global warming. Is crucial to the life of the earth.

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10. mark reviewSHEER

For each of the words mentioned below, choose the option that does NOT convey the right meaning.

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11. mark reviewStatement A : Moreover, as argued above, knowledge is entailed not by way of justification as such but by the realization of good or fruitlessness of meaning and actions or iterated actions.

Statement B : Knowledge is required in order to resolve double and thus in order to act meaningfully.

Statement C : Therefore the action in a commonly led daily life are both meaningful and knowledge-driven.

Statement D: Indian theorists argue for a common knowledge, which is obtained through iterated fruitful actions, through the authority of sentences (or words)

Statement E:  We argue for four sources of validation of knowledge, viz, sentence, inference, direct perception and analogy.

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12. mark reviewIf 45% of the total students of class have offered Mathematics and 85% offered Biology. Find the percentage of students of class who have offered Biology only not Mathematics.

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13. mark reviewIf one starts from A, one can reach all cities (using different except)

Read the following and given the answer.

A, B,........,M are cities that are connected by a roadway system, I,J, K can be reached only from E. One cannot reach E from D or C. A leads to B and C. One can reach G from C. B leads to E. D can be reached from C. D leads to F. G also leads F. L can be reached only from G via F. M can be reached only from D via F. All the roads allow only one way traffic. The distance between any two cities that are connected by a road is 1 km.


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14. mark reviewIf 10Pr = 720,find r.

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15. mark reviewIf aN = {ax : x ∈ N}, then the set 6N ∩ 8N is equal to

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