NDA Syllabus 2024 pdf Download Math and GAT Online Paper Pattern

UPSC holds the NDA Exam twice yearly to choose candidates for the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force. On December 20, 2023, the Union Public Service Commission UPSC will make available the NDA Syllabus 2024 in conjunction with the NDA 1 2024 Notification. There are parts on general ability and mathematics in the NDA Syllabus 2024. There are 900 total marks in the NDA 2024 test; 300 marks are in the NDA Math Paper 1, and 600 are in NDA GTA, or NDA Paper 2. Before beginning their preparation, candidates can review the comprehensive and updated NDA syllabus 2024 provided in this article for the 2024–2025 session.

The NDA test syllabus encompasses subjects from Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, General Knowledge, and English and is based on the 10+2 educational level. Topics covered in the mathematics paper include algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and statistics. It assesses the candidates’ mathematical abilities. The GAT paper evaluates the applicants’ logical reasoning, general knowledge, and English language skills.

Name of the Exam UPSC National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Examination (I)
Number of papers 2
Name of the paper Mathematics and General Ability Test
Authority Releasing the Syllabus Union Public Service Commission, UPSC
Frequency of exam Twice a year (April and September)
Language of Questions English and Hindi

NDA Syllabus PDF

The first prerequisite for passing the NDA exam with flying colors is the NDA Syllabus 2024. The test notice and the NDA Syllabus PDF 2024 are available on the official website. For both test papers on Mathematics and General Knowledge, a comprehensive list of themes and subtopics for each subject is available in the NDA Syllabus PDF. To ensure they ace the exam, candidates can get the NDA Syllabus PDF from the UPSC official website.

A strong understanding of the syllabus is crucial for effective exam preparation. The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) administers the National Defence Academy (NDA) Entrance Exam, which aims to recruit candidates for the Indian Defense Forces, including the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force. The NDA Exam takes place biannually and is overseen by UPSC. It encompasses various components such as interviews assessing general aptitude, psychological testing, team-building skills, as well as physical and social abilities, in addition to medical examinations.

NDA Syllabus 2024 pdf Download Math and GAT Online Paper Pattern

NDA Syllabus 2024

NDA Syllabus 2023 PDF Download in English

NDA Syllabus 2024 for Paper 1 – Mathematics 

There are 120 questions in all on different themes related to mathematics in the NDA Paper 1. The question, which is grade 12 level, will be moderated. By the NDA Exam pattern for Paper 1, 2.5 marks will be awarded for each right response, while 0.83 marks will be subtracted for each incorrect response. This paper will take two hours and thirty minutes to complete. Algebra, matrices and determinations, trigonometry, analytical geometry, differential calculus, integral calculus and differential equations, statistics and probability, and vector algebra are among the subjects included in the NDA math syllabus.

Sections Concepts(Topics)
Algebra Operations On Sets
Venn Diagrams De Morgan Laws
Cartesian Product Relation
Equivalence Relation
Representation Of Real Numbers On A-Line
Complex Numbers – Basic Properties
Modulus Argument
Cube Roots Of Unity
Binary System Of Numbers
Conversion of a Number in a Decimal System to a Binary System and Vice-Versa
Geometric And Harmonic Progressions
Quadratic Equations With Real Coefficients
Solution Of Linear Inequations Of Two Variables By Graphs
Permutation And Combination
Binomial Theorem And Its Application
Logarithms and Their Applications
Concept Of A Set
Matrices And Determinants Types Of Matrices
Operations On Matrices Determinant Of A Matrix
Basic Properties of Determinant.
Adjoint And Inverse Of A Square Matrix
Applications – Solution of a System of Linear Equations in Two or Three Unknowns by Cramer’s Rule and By Matrix Method.
Analytics Geometry Of Two And Three Dimensions Rectangular Cartesian Coordinate System
Distance Formula
Equation Of A Line In Various Forms
Angle Between Two Lines
Distance Of A Point From A Line
Equation Of A Circle In Standard And General Form
Standard Forms Of Parabola
Ellipse And Hyperbola
Eccentricity And Axis Of A Conic
Point in a Three-Dimensional Space, Distance between Two Points.
Direction Cosines and Direction Ratios.
The equation of a Plane and a Line in Various Forms.
The angle between Two Lines and the Angle between Two Planes.
The equation of a Sphere.
Trigonometry Angles And Their Measures In Degrees And Radians
Trigonometrical Ratios
Trigonometric Identities Sum And Difference Formulae
Multiple And Sub-Multiple Angles
Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Applications – Height And Distance
Properties of Triangles.
Differential Calculus Concept Of A Real-Valued Function – Domain
Range And Graph Of A Function
Composite Functions
Derivative Of Function At A Point
Derivatives Of Sum
Product And Quotient Of Functions
Derivative Of A Function With Respect For Another Function
Derivative Of A Composite Function
Second-Order Derivatives
Increasing And Decreasing Functions
Application of Derivatives in Problems of Maxima and Minima.
Integral Calculus Integration As Inverse Differentiation
Integration By Parts And Substitution
Standard Integrals Involving Expression Of Algebraic,
Evaluation of Definite Integrals – Determination of Areas of Plane Regions
Bounded By Curves – Applications.
Differential Equations Definition Of Order And Degree Of A Differential Equation
Formation Of A Differential Equation
General And Particular Solution Of A Differential Equation
Solution Of First Order And First Degree Differential Equations Of Various Types
Application In Problems Of Growth And Decay
Statistics Classification Of Data
Frequency Distribution
Cumulative Frequency Distribution – Examples
Graphical Representation – Histogram
Pie Chart
Frequency Polygon – Examples
Measures Of Central Tendency – Mean Median And Mode
Variance And Standard Deviation – Determination And Comparison
Correlation And Regression
Probability Random Experiment
Outcomes And Associated Sample Space
Mutually Exclusive And Exhaustive Events
Impossible And Certain Events
Union And Intersection Of Events
Elementary And Composite Events
Conditional Probability
Bayes’ Theorem – Simple Problems
Random Variable As Function On A Sample Space
Binomial Distribution
Examples of Random Experiments Giving Rise to Binominal Distribution.
Vector Algebra Vectors In Two And Three Dimensions
Magnitude And Direction Of A Vector
Unit And Null Vectors Addition Of Vectors
Scalar Multiplication Of Vector

NDA 2024 Syllabus for Paper 2 – General Knowledge

Multiple-choice questions are included in the NDA Paper 2 or NDA GTA test. The NDA test pattern has 150 questions in total, of which 50 are from the English part and 100 are from other areas including General Science, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, and GK.

NDA Syllabus Paper 2 Subject Wise 

Part – A English 200 Marks
Part – B General Knowledge Part – A English 200 Marks
Part – B General Knowledge 400 Marks

Section A: English

The purpose of the English question paper is to evaluate the candidate’s professional vocabulary and language understanding. The curriculum spans various subjects to assess the candidate’s English skills, including vocabulary, grammar and use, comprehension, and coherence in longer texts.

Section B: General Knowledge

There will be questions from the following sections of the general knowledge exam.

General Knowledge: The question paper comprises general knowledge and covers subjects that include Physics, Chemistry, Social Studies, General Science, Geography, and Current Events.
Topics Subtopics
  • Physical properties and states of matter: Solid, Liquid and Gas
  • Mass, weight, volume, density, and specific gravity
  • Principle of Archimedes
  • Pressure barometer
  • The motion of objects: Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration
  • Newton’s laws of motion
  • Force and momentum
  • Work, Energy, and Power
  • Heat and temperature
  • Sound waves and their properties
  • Light waves and their properties
  • Different types of substances and their nature: Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures
  • Physical and Chemical changes
  • Properties and uses of various chemicals and elements: Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon, Sulphur, Chlorine
  • Chemical equations and reactions
  • Acids, bases, and salts
  • Metals and Non-metals
  • Carbon and its compounds
  • Fertilizers
General Science
  • Biology
  • Human Body: Food and Nutrition, Diseases and Their Prevention
  • Zoology: Animal kingdom, Insect pests and their control
  • Botany: Plants and their uses, Photosynthesis
  • Environment: Pollution, Conservation of natural resources
  • Space: Solar System, Satellites, Planets
  • Earth and its structure
  • Latitudes and Longitudes
  • The atmosphere and its composition
  • Climate and weather
  • Oceanography and its branches
  • Natural vegetation and its types
  • Rocks and minerals
  • India and its neighbors
  • Economic Geography: Agriculture, Industries, Trade, Transport
Current Events
  • National and International events
  • Sports events
  • Awards and Honors
  • Science and Technology
  • Political events
  • Economic events

NDA Exam Paper Pattern

Subject Duration Maximum Marks
2 ½ Hours 300 Marks
General Ability Test
(Paper -2)
2 ½ Hours 300 Marks
Total 900 Marks

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